National Robe Corporation

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Reverend & Mrs. BassNational Robe Corporation is a Designer manufacturer of “Anointed Clerical, Pulpit & Choral Attire”, for the ecclesiastical men and women of God. We offer a wide selection of these garments on our website as well as our beautiful showroom floor.

For 28 years, we have committed ourselves in serving ALL ecclesiastical servants of God with the highest quality attire at an affordable price. Within the religious apparel industry, we are well known to our customers & competitors for our UNIQUE designs, HIGH value and quality of our custom-made garments, and OUTSTANDING and PROFESSIONAL customer-service. We guarantee that these garments will enhance your ministry, as they have for many of our faithful and loyal customers and organizations many times. As they will attest that NRC stand “highly anointed” above ALL the rest within the industry.

We invite all to shop and browse our website as it inspires you to design your custom-made “Anointed Clerical Attire”.

Thank you for your interest in our company and we Pray that GOD will continue to richly bless you and your ministries.